Course Landing Pages The Things You Must Do to Get Better Conversions

Apr 13, 2024

Online courses are big business. Its ease of use and access to remote learning means that many individuals are turning to the option as a method to enhance their knowledge. If it's an employee training course or someone just trying to learn a new skills, these online courses are becoming extremely popular.

What ever the reason and regardless of your course the landing pages for courses have to be up to scratch. We'll look at what the ideal landing page is doing, and the best ways to incorporate into yours for best result. Okay, let's begin learning.

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What does an e-commerce landing page accomplish?

The landing pages for courses are similar to shop windows. What exactly does a storefront have to include. It must first look attractive. Color combinations that are pleasing and careful placing so that items can be arranged in a harmonious manner can have an impact in the mind of the client.

Thirdly, a sense of story, giving usage context for the products shown, or the use of teasers, giving hints at the glory of what's in. All these can work wonders.

So that's shop windows. Of course, they're the landing pages too. Their job is basically identical. A casual web user clicking in is much more likely to see their interest captivated by a landing page employing strategies like those.

One major distinction exists in brick-and-mortar customers who visit a store and those who use the internet.

How does the user arrive at your website in the first place Most likely, due to the way you used SEO to beckon them over. Or perhaps you went to the hassle of using an enticing domain extension (like buying a .ai domain for the landing pages of a course using artificial intelligence).

In contrast to the pedestrian walking by the person visiting your website is likely to find out more information about what you have to offer. So, once they're within the area, your the landing pages will have one purpose: to encourage those already intrigued people to move on.

If you are using page landing pages for courses, the next step is to sign to the course. So, the landing page must guide customers towards that action. If we break down the three strategies we've just talked about into small but important aspects, we can do this.

Excellent headline

You need a hero section as well as a headline with the power of drama as well as being clear enough to convey an idea of the essence of what it is that you're offering. Also, it should use language that will resonate with your intended audience (this is a requirement throughout the entire design process: You must create a landing page which will resonate with the person you are trying to sell it to).

Here's a terrific illustration.

Screenshot from

It's big, it's bold, and it's descriptive. It stresses the key word, passion. This will greatly impact those who are visiting this website when they could be doing their boring work and contemplating alternatives and better options for earning money.

It's a headline that works because it concentrates on the outcome. It's like a wormhole taking the reader from a universe where things are somewhat less than exciting and to another in which excitement and fun can be expected.

What are the steps to get there? This is where the subtitle plays a role.

Subtitling helpful

The headline is focussed on the effects. Now comes the information which provides a more detailed details about the program you're offering. In this example, it says 'It's a step by step guide for finding work you love, guaranteed'. The site doesn't need to be a plethora of details. The only thing you need to do is make the headline clear just enough so that the user knows exactly about what your site is all about.

Another example works since it provides the user with an idea of what is the purpose behind the website is without giving excessive detail. (Although it is true that the sentence should probably be shorter. )

Screenshot from

Incidentally, this kind of subtitling is essential and not only for landing pages. This is also the reason why product pages work. It must be a bridge from the headline to the meat of the product content, no matter what the website is selling, between a prediction manual and the predictive dialer. That's what subtitling can do.

Detailed description

So, the visitor is interested to learn more. That's where you dive deep regarding what the course will cover. We're talking about"level of detail". Exactly how much detail will be determined a great amount by the demographic you are targeting.

If you're looking to talk to experts in search of quick answers to whatever difficulty they're facing, you must be prompt about telling them the details of what you can offer. Use bullet points and short sentences to convey precisely what you're offering with no effort on anyone's time.

Or, if your demographic is likely to have a little more time to devote to reading, then go a little more detailed. But, even with the most leisure-rich demographic, don't go too detail-heavy and you'll be able to turn off people when you overwhelm them with information. Keep in mind that you are able to deposit the fine print on subsequent pages. The first page of the landing page is about the broad strokes.

Let's say, for instance, you've created a fantastic online  cooking for Beginners' course. When it comes to the description of your course, you'll of course want to discuss how your class provides excellent instructional tips and tutorials, but you'll also want to highlight what the students can gain from it, such as being able to prepare seven simple and affordable dishes, as well as basic food preparation and storage techniques.

It is advantageous in not just showing what a course taker will be capable of but also briefly detailing the subjects which the class will be covering. This is like demonstrating how the product can improve lives without going into unnecessary detail concerning the origins and construction, and so on.

Design elements

We've been concentrating mainly on the wording. Just as important is the appearance and feel of the site. Just like the design components of the shop window, there has to be something aesthetic to the page to have optimal impact. We'll take a look.


Distinctiveness and clarity are the key words in this case. A font can have a dramatic impact but be impossible to read.

Think carefully about what image you want to project. Is it sober authority? A simple font such as Helvetica or similar is the area you might want to look at. If it's financial like, say, as an opportunity to improve your skills in generating leads for insurance, then you want a reassuringly solid font devoid of arty flourishes.

However If your subject is more about arts and crafts, then the font that mimics needlepoint could be an appropriate selection.

It is not a bad idea to consider choosing a specific word or phrase in another typeface to make it more noticeable.

Screenshot from

This is a great splash of handwriting style in bold red, which is an official color and has echoes in the logo, the CTA boxes, as well as Ms Garst's glasses and top. You might think to yourself, this is a financial site, so shouldn't it be all about the weighty font?

Well spotted. This website is somewhat of an exception as the creator is thinking of the people who might want to dabble with online money making, but don't necessarily belong in the top game. These people are the ones for whom fun and easy to get around are the primary features of the course that they want to market. Therefore, it is how important it is to know and speaking to your demographic on the website's landing page.


The discussion has already touched on the power a striking application of red has. The color is certainly crucial when it comes to catching the attention and influencing. There's a myriad of qualities that colors are designed to represent in marketing, however, we're not able to discuss all of this on this page.

Color can be potent, but don't overdo it. Colors are all about context. This red isn't as attractive against a brown background, for instance. This is why we're mentioning another factor. Be sure to include plenty of white space. The canvas is what helps your image make a statement.


Image from

However (and it's true for all landing page design), never sacrifice the clarity of your message for cute. If you've come up with some phrase which makes you want to give yourself a rose to show off your wit, but many people find difficult to grasp and comprehend, you're better off putting it in your personal journal. This is true no matter the subject matter your pages cover, from mastering macrame to modernizing the mainframe.

Page lift-off landing

The world of site design truly is a vast area to get your head over and landing pages are essential that they make up a huge portion of. Hopefully, we've given you enough information to start creating your landing pages for courses as effective as they could be.

If in doubt, concentrate on two factors: credibility and clarity. Your page has to make an impression, but it must also be well-organized. If you are able to blend both of these, your course landing pages are sure to be popular.

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