Course Landing Pages How for Better Conversions

Apr 13, 2024

Online learning is a big business. The ease of access and convenience offered by remote learning means that more and more people are choosing it as a way to improve their abilities. If it's an employee training program or someone who is seeking to master a new technique, these classes have become hugely popular.

Whatever the reason, and regardless of your course page is for, the course landing pages need to meet the standards. This article will look at the things an effective landing page ought to be doing and what you can integrate into it for the greatest result. Let's get started.

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What can the landing page's purpose?

The landing pages for courses are a little like window displays for shops. What do they have to include. First, it must appeal aesthetically. Color combinations that are pleasing and careful arrangement so that the items are evenly distributed is a significant impact in the mind of the client.

A narrative, offering some context to the product shown, or the use of teasers to give hints about the beauty of what's inside. This can all be very effective.

That's what shop windows are. However, there are, landing pages, too. The job is pretty much identical. The casual internet surfer just popping in is far more likely to get their attention ensnared by a landing page employing techniques similar to those.

There's one significant difference, however, between bricks-and-mortar shoppers who pass by stores and online users.

How does the user arrive at your website in the first place? Probably, because of the SEO you employed to draw them in. Maybe you even went through the hassle to use an attractive domain extension (like buying an .ai domain for Artificial Intelligence course landing pages).

Therefore, in contrast to the person walking by, your site visitor may already be inclined to know more about what your site has to offer. Once they've been in the vicinity, course websites have one primary purpose: to encourage that already interested person to take the next step.

In the case of page landing pages for courses, the second step is signing to a course. The landing page has to propel the customer towards this step. Through breaking down these three strategies we've just talked about into small but important elements, we can achieve this.

Great headline

There should be a hero area and a headline that has dramatic content, in addition to being clear enough to convey an overview of what it is you are selling. It also needs to utilize language that is a hit with your intended audience (this is a requirement throughout your whole design: You must create an online landing page that can resonate with the person you are trying to sell it to).

Here's an amazing instance.

Screenshot from

It's huge, it's striking, and it's also descriptive. It emphasizes the keyword enthusiasm, which is sure to affect those visiting the site when they ought to be doing their boring job, and often pondering other and more rewarding ways of making a living.

This headline works by focusing on the outcome. This is like a wormhole bringing you from one part of an environment where everything is slightly boring to an altogether different part that is where excitement and thrills are guaranteed.

How do we get there? The subtitle is the place where it comes in.

Subtitling assistance

The headline is all about the impact. The next step is to provide information which provides a more detailed details about the program you're giving. In the example above, it says 'It's the step-by-step process to finding and doing work you love, guaranteed'. It doesn't have to have masses of detail. Just flesh out the headline to the point that the reader knows exactly what it is that the site's content is.

Another example works because it gives the reader an understanding of is the purpose behind the website is, but without providing the details too deeply. (Although, in truth, this sentence could be less rambling. )

Screenshot from

In fact, this kind of subtitling is essential and not only for landing pages. This is what makes products pages function. There must be a bridge between the headline and the substance of the text, no matter what it is selling, between a prediction manual and the predictive dialer. Subtitling is the way to do this.

Detailed description

This means that the user is interested to learn more. It's the time to go into a level of detail regarding what the course will cover. We're talking about a 'level of detail'. The amount of detail you require will be decided a good deal by your target demographic.

If you're trying to speak to experts in search of rapid solutions to any issue they're facing, you need to be quick about introducing them to the information you provide. Utilize bullet points or short phrases to embed exactly what you do without trying anybody's patience.

If your population will likely to spend a bit longer to spend reading, then be a bit more specific. Even with the most leisure-rich demographic do not go overboard with the details and you'll be able to turn off people when you overwhelm them with information. Be aware that you may put the fine print down on subsequent pages. The landing page is all about the broad strokes.

As an example, suppose you've created a fantastic online 'Cooking for Beginners' course. For your course description you'll definitely want to mention the way your program provides amazing instructional tips and tutorials, but you'll also want to highlight the benefits that students will receive by taking the course, like making 7 easy and inexpensive dishes, as well as basic food preparation and storage techniques.

This is a great way of not only showing what the student will be competent in, but also outlining the topics of the curriculum. This can be a way of proving how the product can improve lives without going into excessive detail regarding the construction process and its provenance and so on.

Design elements

We've been mostly concentrating on the text. Just as important is the appearance and feel of the webpage. Similar to the design components of a shop's window, there has to be something aesthetic to the site to achieve maximum result. We'll take a look.


Clearness and distinctness is the main focus for this. A font can have a powerful impact but may be difficult to comprehend.

Think carefully about what image you want to convey. Is it sober authority? An unfussy font like Helvetica or similar is the area you might want to think about. For financial purposes, for instance, such as a course to boost the skills of your lead generation for insurance and you'll want a reassuringly solid font devoid of glitzy embellishments.

However in the event that your class has more to do with craft and arts, the font that mimics needlepoint could be an appropriate option.

Don't neglect the power of selecting a term or phrase in a different font for extra impact.

Screenshot from

This is a great splash of bold handwriting red. It's an official color and has echoes in the logo, CTA boxes, as well as Ms Garst's glasses and her top. Wait a second, you might be thinking to yourself, this is a financial website. So why shouldn't the focus be on the weighty, authoritative font?

Very well identified. This site is a bit different in that the developer is thinking about the people who might want to dabble in money-making online but who do not necessarily fit into the big league. For these people, fun and easy to get around are the primary characteristics of the course to promote. So, it underlines the importance of knowing how to speak to your audience on the website's landing page.


We've already hit on the effect that a strong use of red can have. Color is undoubtedly massively important in terms of catching the eyes and making a statement. There's an array of qualities which each color is intended to convey in the field of marketing but there's not enough space to cover all of it on this page.

Color can be potent, but do not overdo it. Colors are all about context. Red will not appear as good against a brown background, for instance. This is why we're mentioning another factor. Always include enough white space. The canvas is what helps to make the image stand out.


Image from

But (and it's true for all designing landing pages), never sacrifice the clarity of your message for cute. If you've come up a turn of phrase which makes you want to give yourself a rose for breathtaking wit but which others struggle to comprehend, then you'd be better off putting it in your own journal. This applies regardless of what area your course pages cover such as mastering macrame or mainframe modernization.

Page lift-off landing

The world of site design can be a huge area to get your head over, and landing pages are essential that they comprise a significant portion of. Hopefully, we've given you enough of an idea to begin making your course landing pages as effective as they could be.

If you're not sure, keep your eyes on two C's: clout and clarity. The page must be memorable, however it should also be clear. If you mix both, your course landing pages will be a hit.

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